Freiheit The G 304Forged Triangle Wedge

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The triangular head shape with a high toe and a low heel makes it easy to open the face and gives the impression of cutting the ball using the face surface for a long time. The strong gooseneck with an FP value of 2 mm makes it easy to draw lines and give a strong image of the target line. Due to the synergistic effect with a large bounce angle, it is easy to launch by keeping the ball low even when the ball is floating like Japanese turf, and it is easy to spin, making the approach shot "low and stop" easy. The hosel part is made slightly longer, face milling is applied, and the thickness of the face is adjusted, and the center of gravity is set slightly higher to promote an increase in spin amount. Simple sole shape and large bounce angle. Since it is a non-plating finish using a material that does not rust easily, it has a soft feel and excellent machinability. Since the weight screws (1g, 3g, 1g) at the 3 locations on the back face are variable, the weight of the head can be adjusted.