Freiheit The G 450Ti Driver

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The beautiful orthodox face with a square feeling and rounded corners from the face to the toe is easy to hold by adjusting the bulge while following the previous model. From the crown to the sole, the body is made of 6-4 titanium precision casting, which makes it easy to optimally set the wall thickness, making use of its high degree of design freedom, and has a slightly shorter center of gravity distance and moderate center of gravity angle than the previous model. Further weight reduction by adopting "honeycomb structure" inside the crown. A low sweet spot height is achieved despite a deep center of gravity. `` A square face angle is balanced in a trinity with a good balance, '' and we have thoroughly pursued a moderate hit for a hard hitter, good operability, a stable low spin middle trajectory, a sense of security that can hit the left side without fear and a response. . We are committed to the internal structure of the head and pursue a comfortable hitting sound.