Freiheit The G Forged Wedge

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Paying close attention to the first impression when holding it, it inherits the orthodox handsomeness, which is a synonym for "THE-G". In order to respond to a variety of delicate approach shots, we thoroughly focused on every detail, including spin performance, ease of holding, and a mild feel. The leading edge is straight and has a simple, orthodox look that makes it easy to hold the target straight. We paid particular attention to polishing the area around the neck, and paid careful attention so that the face could not be seen when wearing an address. Adopted a unique sole shape for approach shots from any lie. You can rest assured that the leading edge will not float too much when opened and held. In addition, the milling process applied to the face surface improves smoothness and realizes intense spin performance. The head and neck (hosel part) are made from S20C by forging and molding, resulting in a very mild feel at impact. Adjustable head weight by mounting variable weight screws (5g x 2, 1g x 1) on the back face part