Freiheit The-G Ti Fairway Wood Mid Size

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The MID SIZE head has a slightly larger head size than the previous model (THE-G Ti FW) and gives you a sense of security when you hold it. The face and body are integrally molded with a titanium material with high strength, light specific gravity and a strong feeling of rebound. Achieves an ultra-low center of gravity by using high specific gravity stainless steel materials and weight screws throughout the sole. The height of the center of gravity on the face is also near the center, and the energy at impact is efficiently transmitted to the ball, creating a ball trajectory with high trajectory and stretch. 6AL-4V Titanium's unique "feel like a ball hitting the face" and "appropriate feel" are both achieved. The weight screw (8g) arranged in two places on the sole is variable, so the head weight can be adjusted significantly.