Masda CB-01 Iron sets (Factory Assembled)

$2,065.00 - $2,230.00
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One-piece soft iron forging + CNC milling with no welds. Fly overwhelmingly and gently. Yet, it has achieved unparalleled functions that advanced users can satisfy. The reason why we are particular about integral molding is that it is better to mold integrally with a single material because it is the feeling and hitting sound that are essential for iron. Made in Japan as well as manufactured. It is a pure domestic product that is manufactured in Japan from polishing to plating and assembly. The wide sole design achieves a low center of gravity and deep center of gravity, realizing an ultra-wide sweet area that is resistant to RBI. Although the sole width is wide, it is hard to get stuck in the ground and the sole works exquisitely, so the hit point is stable.