Masda HBI Utility (Factory Assembled)

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A model for advanced golfers who has developed an iron-type utility, which has been increasingly used on the Pro Tour, with features unique to Masuda Golf. While having the direction and operation feel of a long iron, it has the kindness of a hollow structure and the ball is easy to climb, so you can aim directly at the green. The goodness of sitting when you hold it, the ease of holding it toward the target, and the shape that does not have an image to the left while it looks like you can grab it, is a molding that only Masuda Golf can make. The biggest feature is the good "face" that can be used in the same flow as an iron. A hollow structure that combines a face using custom 455SS and a body part made of 8620 mild steel. It has both a comfortable playing feel and a soft feel. It has a long ball life and good controllability.