Masda Studio 3 Putter (Factory Assembled)

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The advantages of the L-shaped putter, which is easy to feel and has excellent operability, and the goodness of the mallet-type putter, which makes it easy to sit and align easily. A hybrid mallet-type putter that makes a new proposal by utilizing the concept of "WOSS" created by Yuji Masuda himself a quarter century ago. It has an L-shaped operability, but it does not feel the slightest difficulty, and it has a sense of stability and security. Masudagoru's true value is that it has a good face, good seating, and a feeling of being caught. The shape that harmonizes the texture of iron and the ruggedness has a presence not found in other mallets. Of course, an ingot, which is the optimum soft iron material as a putter material, is machined out by CNC machining and hand-made by a skilled worker to adjust the shape.