Masda Studio Wedge M425 (Factory Assembled)

$385.00 - $410.00
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A strong gooseneck with an FP value of 2 mm. A soft iron forged head selected carefully from the material is molded by CNC milling of the back face part and polishing by a skilled worker. The integrally molded soft iron forged head gives a soft, core-like hitting feeling that the ball eats, and the unique sole shape provides a good dropout and an acceptable range for mistakes to stabilize the hitting point and high launch. Are available. You can hit a slow and heavy trajectory with a strong spin. The CNC milled back face makes it possible to make the head larger, and in addition to the slightly wider sole width and larger bounce angle, the cavity shape also makes it a very professional model that is extremely error-resistant. It is a wedge that can be used widely from advanced players to golfers who are not good at approaching.