Masda Studio Wedge M425/S

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The “Studio Wedge M425” released in 2013 has become a popular wedge in Japan and has become a long-selling product as a synonym for the gooseneck wedge. The M425 / S is a straight neck that inherits the concept of the M425, which can be used by tour professionals and average golfers. By adopting a straight neck with operability, the versatility of the shot is realized while maintaining the gentleness of the "M425". The crescent-shaped sole is used to make it easier to use techniques such as opening the face, while maintaining the bounce effect that balances good omission and tolerance for mistakes. It is a design that can utilize the technique of middle and advanced people. The soft iron forging head that was made in the same way as the M425 and was carefully selected is molded by CNC milling the back face part and polishing by a skilled worker. It also has the best feel.