Roddio Hybrid Utility Head (N-Sole)

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"RODDIO Fairway Woodhead is a hybrid structure that combines a low-gravity titanium body and high-specific stainless steel sole parts by high-precision CNC machining, and not to mention the high "repulsion performance" required for flying, it combines a low sweet spot and a deep center of gravity, which makes it difficult to achieve "gentleness" that does not choose a use. Two kinds of sole parts that can be exchanged to meet the needs of the user by making full use of high-precision CNC processing in all places. Two hosels that can adjust the loft, rye, and face angles. In addition, it can be highly customized with three screws and four ports that can adjust headweight and weight distribution. Roddio's unique head characteristics, which combine these elements, create a utility head that is perfect for everyone."