Romaro Ray α Driver (Factory Assembled)

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A new material, titanium zirconium alloy (RZR446 titanium) co-developed by Romaro with a material manufacturer, is used for the cup face. A newly developed quattro face structure that is light, thin, and tough, and has a supple, large-deflection face that contributes to weight reduction of the head, leading to high initial velocity and increased flight distance. The surplus weight of the thin and lightweight face and crown is concentrated in the core system, achieving a center of gravity that is low, deep and has a large head for a good grip. Along with the flexing effect of the cup face and crown, aiming for the maximum flight distance of each individual with high launch appropriate spin.
Material and Manufacturing Method
3 Piece Structure
Face  RZR446 Titanium-forged cup face
Crown  15-3-3-3 Titanium, Forged
Body  811 Titanium, precision casting
Head Size   460
Face Angle   Straight
Loft Options   9.5 / 10.5 / 14
Lie  59 Deg
Length  45.75 in
Total Weight  ~279g 
Shaft and Grip
Shaft Labo RJ-TF (Mid Kick)
R Flex  41g  C8  5.7 Torque
S Flex  44g  C9  5.4 Torque
Synchro Grip Tour 43-S BK/BL with backline