Romaro Type R Driver (Factory Assembled)

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A variable hardened face made by forging titanium and changing the thickness of the center and peripheral parts. And, the "thin-walled crown" that effectively bends the body and the "M force pocket" are placed in front of the sole to improve the initial ball speed. The body also has a structure that bends, and the repulsive force above and below the face also increases, expanding the high initial velocity area. The crown is thin and lightweight, and the surplus weight is placed on the sole to lower the center of gravity to the limit. It has a high impact efficiency, a fast initial ball speed, and a large flight that is highly straightforward. "Sound ribs" placed inside the crown and sole suppress excessive bending of the body and reduce backspin. The impact sound is tuned to produce a solid feel and a romano sound.

Face: SP700 titanium, forged cup face
Crown: 15-3-3-3 Titanium, forged
Body: 6-4 titanium, precision casting * 3 piece structure
Fitting weight (standard, stainless steel 3g)