Romaro Type R FW(Tour select)

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Ray TYPE R FW lofted version In addition to a titanium cup face and a stainless body with a two-piece structure, a variable hardening face with a thick center and gradually changing peripheral thickness is adopted. It has a high tolerance against variations in the RBI. It has a rounded head shape that gives a sense of security, and the sole incorporates an aerodynamic design. It features "wide and deep M-shaped groove (M force pocket)" on the front of the sole. This structure, which flexes not only the cup face but also the body, greatly expands the high initial velocity area of ​​the entire face. It produces a high initial velocity of the ball even under the face where it is easy to miss a hit. The "Sound Rib" placed inside the sole suppresses excessive bending of the body and reduces backspin. It has a role to tune the impact sound, and has a comfortable playing feel and a romano sound. It is extremely popular with Japanese golf players.